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Owner - Auctioneer

Buddy Christmas


Known for his love of nature, Buddy has an appreciation for, and excels at everything to do with, Land. That’s why he’s our expert at Land sales. With his background in farming, he has a natural ability to recognize the “lay of the land.” Whether he’s looking at land topography, retrieving government information from the FSA office, working with a surveyor to divide a farm into individual saleable lots … whatever has to do with Land, Buddy is our go-to guy.

Buddy also holds his Auctioneer license. He knows the value in selling properties at Auction. His thoughts are, “Why set a price until you see what the market will bear?” Many people associate selling at auction as a last-ditch effort to sell a property, but that’s simply not true. The most valuable things in the world are sold by auction because “the sky’s the limit!”

Call Buddy today to discuss selling your property. He’ll treat it like his very own.



Owner - Principal Broker

Christine Christmas


Christine specializes in residential real estate and also manages properties for local owners, as well as many owners throughout the United States. Christine is the first to admit, though, that she could not do what she does on her own…it truly takes a village.

Her mother, Elaine Primo, is the first face you see when you walk through the office door. Elaine answers the phones and handles rent money as it comes through the door. Christine is blessed to be able to work alongside her husband, Buddy, and their three daughters, Annie Cocke, Kathryn McGowan, and Ali Spoon, who also sell real estate and manage rental properties. Rounding out the rest of their office family are two other great Realtors, Laura Williams (who also manages rental properties) and Traci DuPuy.

To quote Buddy, “Christine is the glue that holds this company together.” Not only is she one of the owners of the company, but she is also the Principal Broker, which is a job she does not take lightly. She – and all the agents at Covington Realty & Auction – lives by the Golden Rule … Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Hopefully, this helps us to serve the public well. That’s our prayer each and every day.



Affiliate Broker - Property Manager

Annie Cocke


Born and raised in Tipton County, my love for my hometown runs deep. It is said, “Home is where your heart is,” and that rings true throughout the seasons of my life. Though I have gone off to school, studied abroad, and enjoy a good long stay somewhere foreign, I always love returning home.

I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management and Finance from the University of Tennessee at Martin. While attending college, I also obtained my Real Estate License from TREES Real Estate School in Jackson. After graduating college, I came back home, married my best friend, Daniel, and began my real estate career. A few years later, we welcomed two sons, Cad and Caury, into our busy lives. My days spent watching them grow and thrive are my prized possessions.

Having a career that allows me to assist others to achieve their home buying dreams is such a rewarding experience. I love the excitement of seeing a client light up when they find that perfect home. Knowing that I had a hand in helping them achieve their goal makes me proud and that feeling of “Home is where your heart is” echos inside. I specialize in all things real estate. Buying, Selling, Commercial, Land, Rental Property Management, whatever the need, I am here to help you. Call me and let’s make it happen!



Affiliate Broker - Property Manager

Kathryn McGowan


With having my roots grounded in Tipton County, TN soil, I love being able to work and play in the city of Covington, which I call home. After deciding to forgo the elementary education route upon graduating from the University of TN at Martin in 2013 and marrying that same fall, I immediately went to work at the family-owned real estate business, Covington Realty & Auction.

Having a natural talent for real estate and all things “home” related, this line of work is everything I’ve ever wanted in the professional aspect of my life. When I’m not out and about listing or showing property, you can find me on outings with my husband, and two children, shopping estate sales with my mom and sisters, or enjoying a tasty meal with a nice glass of red wine.

Juggling multiple rental properties as a property manager for multiple investors also comes in handy with my position on the Property Maintenance Committee for First Presbyterian Church, where I am an active member. Whether you’ve lived here all your life or have recently fallen in love with Tennessee and want to call it home, give me a call to help you with all your real estate needs.



Affiliate Broker - Property Manager

Ali Spoon


My name is Ali Christmas Spoon. I am the youngest “Christmas” in the company. I graduated from The University of Tennessee at Martin with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree in 2018. Shortly after graduating, I married my best friend, John Michael, and went to work for an Agriculture company in Collierville, TN. About a year after working there I made the decision to come to Covington Realty & Auction and join our family-owned business. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I fell in love with Real Estate and everything it has to offer and I love coming to work every day! I passed my Real Estate exams in 2021 while pregnant with our first child and officially became a licensed agent.

Having a home to go home to is something I never take for granted. Home is your safe place, your happy place, your roots and I love helping people find and plant those roots. Just imagining all of the memories that will be made in their new home brings warmth to my heart. I know all of the memories I have made with my husband and son in our home and there is nothing like getting to help someone else find that happiness.
I have worked in this business for a short 3 years but I am eager and excited to continue this journey of becoming a successful Real Estate Agent for our surrounding areas and all of Tennessee. Helping others make their housing dreams come true is something that I strive to do! Let me make the buying, selling, or property managing experience as easy for you as being “Spoon” fed!




Elaine Primo

The first face you see when you walk through the office door of Covington Realty & Auction is that of Christine’s mother, Elaine Primo. Elaine has worked for CR&A for seven years.

Married to John for almost 64 years, they attend Liberty Baptist Church where Elaine sings in the choir and John serves as Chairman of Deacons. Elaine enjoys cooking for and visiting shut-ins in the community when she’s not working or attending church.

Ask Elaine what her greatest blessings are, and she’ll say it’s her love for God and her love for family. She and John have four children - Gaye Gregory (Covington TN), Steve Primo (Greenville SC), Christine Christmas (Mason TN), and Amy Miles (Bartlett TN), as well as 6 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

Elaine considers it a privilege to work with her family, but the privilege really belongs to her ‘work’ family … what a blessing for everyone to have their mother and grandmother work alongside them.

Affiliate Broker - Property Manager

Laura Williams


Laura has been an Active Realtor in West Tennessee for 17 years serving Shelby, Tipton, and Lauderdale Counties. Her work history with a property management company, a closing company, and as a licensed insurance agent made her prepared to be a well-rounded realtor.

She is an expert listing agent as well as a strong buyer’s agent helping people buy their first home, relocate to the area, or upsize or downsize. Laura built her real estate business on communication, dedication, and transparency. She strives to bring a little fun into every real estate transaction.

When she is not helping people find their dream home, Laura can be found making memories with family and friends, tending her vegetable garden, or at the barn with her goats and chickens. Laura has four grown daughters and one stepdaughter and ten “grandones” that call her “LaLa”. She is married to John Williams, and they enjoy their small farm in Ripley, TN



Affiliate Broker

Traci Dupuy


I inherited my love of homes from my mother, who was an appraiser. I had the pleasure of working with her for seven years. I will always look back fondly at that time of my life. All these years later, I am blessed to be able to live my dream career as a real estate agent.

With the support and love of my husband, I get to help other people live their dreams, too. It is hard to describe that feeling when my client and I find the right house, you know, “the one.” Being able to play such an intricate role in helping my clients achieve their goals is nothing short of exhilarating. I thank the Lord every day to be able to find such meaning in my work.